Partnering with Parents in Play Therapy

In order to heal children, we must get through to parents – they’re the ones who set the appointments and initiate therapy. From explanation and engagement to celebrating small victories, play therapists who strengthen their work with parents also strengthen their practice. This course helps you understand how to get and retain more clients, how to grow more authentic with parents, and what you can do to explain the healing process as thoroughly as possible.

Partnering with Parents in Play Therapy Objectives:

  • Learn the elements of an effective intake session that sets the stage for parental investment in the play therapy process
  • Understand how to work with a resistant parent and keep them engaged in the play therapy process
  • Learn how to translate what is happening in the playroom to parents
  • Understand how the therapist’s authenticity and emotional congruency impact the relationship with the parent in the play therapy process
  • Understand the therapist’s role as a coach if the parent enters the play therapy session
  • Understand how Synergetic Play Therapy’s concept of “The Set-Up/The Offering” is applied to working with parents

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What: A 6-hour course designed to help play therapists strengthen their work with parents.

Where: Watch at your convenience from wherever you want!

Credits: 6 Non-Contact Credits*

Cost: $179.97 (USD)

Instructor: Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S

Lisa Dion, MA, LPC, RPT-S is a Registered Play Therapy Supervisor, Certified Gestalt Therapist, Level II EMDR Practitioner, Parent Educator and Certified Demartini Method™ Facilitator. She is an international teacher, creator of “Synergetic Play Therapy”, clinical supervisor for various play therapy internship sites across Colorado, and is the founder and director of the Play Therapy Institute of Colorado.

*This program is sold by Kid Matters Counseling, P.C., APT Approved Provider #18-533


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