Playing in the Home – How to Facilitate Play Therapy in a Child’s Home (Affiliate Course)

Clear, to the point information on how to set up play therapy in a home, how to set boundaries (literally and figuratively speaking), and how to work with parents.” -Marina Keukens Terrell

Love the ideas and talking about setting up a space for boundaries if it is a shared space within a home!” -Carly Schrimpl

Take the guesswork out of doing play therapy in the home! ….

Are you an in-home play therapist finding yourself confused and even overwhelmed about how to bring play therapy into the home?

Do you ever wonder where boundaries are? What toys to bring?

How to structure your time? What to do with the parents when they are also there?

How to talk to the parents about what you are doing?

In this training you’ll explore how to make your time in the home the most therapeutic experience possible while bringing clarity and certainty to your role.

This course is for you if …

  • Struggle with setting boundaries and structure your time for in-home play therapy sessions.
  • Lost on what toys to bring with you into the home.
  • Confused on how to explain play therapy sessions to parents.
  • Practice in places like hospitals & schools

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What: A 1-hour course that offers creative solutions to tricky challenges of doing play therapy in the home.

When: You decide.

Where: Playroom. Boardroom. Living room.

What Will You Learn … Playing in the Home Objectives:

  • Understand how to structure and set boundaries during an in-home play therapy session.
  • Understand when and how to involve the parents in the in-home play therapy process.
  • Understand how to translate what is happening in play therapy sessions to the parents.

Great practical ideas to create physical boundaries in the home and re-establish broken boundaries with parents.” -Diane Bischoff

Credits: 1 Non-Contact Credit*

*This program is sold by Kid Matters Counseling, P.C., APT Approved Provider #18-533. For an understanding of which credits can be used towards your RPT or continuing education, please contact APT for the most updated requirements. Also, please note that play therapy credit may not be awarded to non-mental health professionals.

Cost: $37.97 (USD)

Instructor: Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S and Susan Stutzman, MA, LCPC, RPT


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