2024-2025 Synergetic Play Therapy® Certification Online Program (Level 2)

2024-2025 Synergetic Play Therapy® Certification Program

**If you are currently enrolled in the January 2024 Online Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy program or 2024 Refresher program, your extended Early Bird application deadline is June 1, 2024.**

FINAL Application Deadline for all applicants is June 14th, 2024.

Take a moment to reflect on the growth you’ve witnessed since starting the introductory course. How have your clients evolved? How have your therapy sessions changed? Most importantly, how have you changed? Your growth is the key to unlocking your clients’ full potential for transformation.

During the introductory course, you’ve merely scratched the surface of what’s possible for client healing and transformation. Imagine delving deeper into a wealth of knowledge and skills with 85 hours of content (plus 13 hours of consultation!). This is precisely what awaits you in our 10-month SPT Certification program, designed to empower you as a therapist or other professional! 

Here’s what you can look forward to!

  • Dive deeper into understanding attunement, attachment, and mindfulness to enhance your client’s reflective awareness, self-regulation, and co-regulation.
  • Gain insight on how to scaffold the development of a child’s interoceptive sense. 
  • Cultivate an ability to hold awareness of self and other (dual awareness) in order to become an attuned external regulator.
  • Explore the interconnectedness between physics and psychology.
  • Learn why individuals are driven to do what they do and become who they are.
  • Discover how trauma is stored in the body and mind, shaping a client’s narrative.
  • Learn how to work with implicit memory to repattern the somatic imprints and protective patterns of the autonomic nervous system.
  • Understand the Vagus Nerve and the role it plays in trauma integration and regulation.
  • Gain profound insight into the homeostatic mechanisms within the mind and how these contribute to emotions.
  • Understand how to assess and work with a child’s emotional age.
  • Overcome fears related to working with caregivers and create true collaborative partnerships.
  • Master the use of sand and art in both non-directive and directive approaches.
  • Learn about the sensory system and how to use this information with neurodivergent children.
  • Explore directive interventions for groups, families, teens, siblings, and adults using the SPT tenets.
  • Learn how to work with non-verbal regressive states.
  • Work with your own activation that naturally arises in sessions and repattern your own nervous system response.
  • Deepen your understanding of how to track a child’s progress on the SPT Therapeutic Stages. 
  • Master the art of managing endings, transitions, and strategies for facilitating a meaningful “goodbye process” with caregivers and children.
  • Empower both yourself and your clients within the therapy process, tracking small moments and significant empowerment experiences in a client’s therapeutic journey.
  • And so much more!!!!

This fully-immersive online experience will transform you from a therapist who understands to one who truly embodies the power of what you do in the world. It’s time to move beyond your Level 1 Introductory Synergetic Play Therapy skills and turn them into a way of being in the playroom!

The transformation begins from day one. As one of our students said, “I already got my money’s worth in just the first day of the program.” She was speaking to the level of insight that she had already gained about herself and her clients after only a few hours of stepping into her next level of Synergetic Play Therapy learning. 

Dive deeper into the Synergetic Play Therapy process and embrace yourself, discover your magnificence, and tap into a higher state of authenticity. It’s time to embody Synergetic Play Therapy and take it to the next level. You’re worth it, your own transformation is worth it, and the individuals in your life are worth it. This is not the end of the road – it’s just the beginning of a remarkable journey!

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***By enrolling in this course you will also receive a FREE BONUS video course “How to Have a Successful Intake” to help you begin preparing for your time in the Synergetic Play Therapy Certification program and the first Learning Retreat!

Synergetic Play Therapy Prerequisites: Must have completed one SPT introductory course and their corresponding prerequisites to apply to this program (price of the introductory course is independent of the Certification program pricing):

  • 6-Month Online Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Online course 
  • 3-Day In-Person Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy course
  • Synergetic Play Therapy Supplemental course (no longer offered) 
  • 6-Day SPT Intensive Training (no longer offered)

Ready to submit your application? Please click “Add to Cart” below to pay the $150 application fee. Once payment is confirmed you will be sent a link to complete the online application!

*For all class details, class objectives, research scholarship, CE credits and more, see below.


Program Details: This online program begins with 3.5 days (21 hours) together in community with our first online learning retreat. Halfway through the course, we will reconvene for an additional 4.5 days (27 hours) together. During the program (with the exception of December and January), we will meet twice a month via live webinar (1 1/2 hours each). Students will have additional monthly assignments to integrate learning. The Certification process also includes 4 one-hour consultation sessions (pre-Certification consultation upon completion of your Level 1 Introductory course) and 9 one-hour consultation sessions (combination of group and individual) during the course with an SPT Consultant for a total of 13 consultation hours…a total of 98 hours of learning!

*CE Credit Hours are not awarded for time spent in consultation, however, consultation is a mandatory aspect of this program.

What You Will Learn: Participants will gain a greater understanding and KNOWING of the Synergetic Play Therapy model, as well as an in-depth look at the neuroscience and research behind the model. We ask therapists/providers to go within to further ask the question, “Who am I?” with the understanding that as the authentic self emerges, therapists can increase their capacity to facilitate deeper and more complex processes within the child. Therapists/providers will also learn the details of the application of Synergetic Play Therapy theory while given the opportunity to fine tune their skills. 

Review the full Synergetic Play Therapy Certification Learning Objectives here!

Program Dates: August 22, 2024 – May 13, 2025 (Access to program materials ends August 31, 2025)

Learning Retreat Dates by Location: Each virtual learning retreat will be offered in a North America timezone and an Australia/Asia timezone to accommodate the most participants possible. Please review the dates below carefully as you will be asked to declare a virtual retreat location in order to finalize your application. (The virtual retreat location you select will be the same for both the 3.5 Day Learning Retreat and 4.5 Day Learning Retreat.)

  • 3.5 Day Learning Retreat (North America): August 22 – August 25, 2024, 9-4:30 PM Mountain Time (Last day ends at 12 PM, Noon)
  • 3.5 Day Learning Retreat (Australia/Asia): August 30 – September 2, 2024, 8-3:30 PM Australia Eastern Standard Time (Last day ends at 11 AM)
  • 4.5 Day Learning Retreat (North America): January 8 – January 12, 2025, 9-4:30 PM Mountain Time (Last day ends at 12 PM, Noon)
  • 4.5 Day Learning Retreat (Australia/Asia): January 18 – January 22, 2025, 9-4:30 PM Australia Eastern Daylight Time (Last day ends at 12 PM, Noon)

Important Live Webinar Dates: All live webinars will be held from 5-6:30 PM Mountain Time (Denver).

  • (2024 Dates) September 10th and 24th, October 8th and 22nd, November 12th and 19th
  • (2025 Dates) February 4th and 18th, March 4th and 18th, April 1st and 15th and 29th, May 13th

Program Requirements: 

  • Attend both multi-day online retreats and all online monthly classes.
  • Complete 5 recorded sessions of your work with your clients and complete a corresponding video self observation form for each session.
  • Complete three (3) SPT Certification Skill Assessments with your consultant.
  • Complete 13 Consultation Sessions – 7 individual sessions and 2 small group sessions for a total of 9 hours during the program. 4 individual pre-certification or post certification (depending on when you completed Intro, Supplemental Intro, or Intensive.) If you are unable to complete your pre-certification consultations you can complete them during the training.
  • Homework: approximately 2-3 hours a month. Homework includes watching recordings of play therapy sessions, and completing video observation forms; personal reflections, and self observations of your own sessions.
  • Client/Child Contact Hours: In order to receive your Certification at the end of the program you need to complete a minimum number of client contact hours using the model: 250 client hours for those seeking the Certified Synergetic Play Therapist credential, 150 child contact hours for those seeking the Certified Synergetic Play Provider credential. *Hours accrued while in an introductory course (Intensive, Online, Supplemental) and then any hours accrued while under the supervision/receiving consultation from an SPT Supervisor or Consultant count towards the total client/child contact hours.

Click here for a visual representation of program requirements by SPT Credential!

Once certified, you must renew your Certified Synergetic Play Therapist or Certified Synergetic Play Provider credential every 3 years. 

Cost: See Full Program Cost and Pricing Options, below! Click here to view the Full Program Pricing and Payment Plan Chart!

*A $150 USD non-refundable Application Fee is due at the time of registration and contributes to the total cost of the course. Once payment is received, you will be sent an email with the link to the online application! The rest of the payment for the course will not be due until after the application is approved. (See further details in the Refund Policy section below.)

2024-2025 Application Deadline Dates: 

  • To receive the early bird price, applications must be submitted by: April 1, 2024
  • To join us for the 2024-2025 Certification year your application and payment must be submitted by: June 14, 2024

CE Credit Hours: 85 CE Credit Hours. NBCC Content Area: Counseling Theory/Practice and the Counseling Relationship; Social and Cultural Foundations; Group Dynamics and Counseling; and Career Development and Counseling

Synergetic Play Therapy Institute has been approved by NBCC as an Approved Continuing Education Provider, ACEP No. 7450. Programs that do not qualify for NBCC credit are clearly identified. Synergetic Play Therapy Institute is solely responsible for all aspects of the programs.

Synergetic Play Therapy Institute is also an Approved Provider for the following associations:
*Australian Play Therapists Association (APTA) Approved Provider
*British Columbia Play Therapy Association (BCPTA) Approved Provider 23-01

Continuing education credit hours may be awarded to graduate-level counselors or students enrolled in a graduate-level mental health program. If you do not qualify for continuing education credit hours and would like to receive a certificate of completion for this course please contact the Institute directly.

*Please note: in order to receive SPT credit, you must have access to working with children. If you work in the mental health profession upon completion of the course you will earn the title of “Certified Synergetic Play Therapist.” If you work with children in another capacity, upon completion of the course, you will earn the title of “Certified Synergetic Play Provider.” 

Partial CE credit will not be awarded. Individuals must meet all program requirements in order to receive CE credit for this program.

Refund Policy: A Full refund will be given, minus cost of any Pre-Certification consultations that may have occurred AND a $150 (USD*) non-refundable application fee if the Institute is notified by the final payment deadline of June 28, 2024.
A partial refund will be given, minus cost of any pre-Certification consultations that may have occurred AND a $150 (USD*) non-refundable application fee AND a $500 administrative/processing fee if the Institute is notified by July 26, 2024.
No refunds will be given after July 26, 2024. If an emergency situation arises, please contact the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute to discuss the situation.

*The $150 application fee is non-refundable with the exception of your application being denied. Should you be denied acceptance into the program, you will be refunded the $150 application fee less a 3.5% processing fee. Please contact the Institute if you have any questions. 

Interested in Scholarship opportunities? Limited Scholarships are offered through the Synergetic Play Therapy Foundation! Applications must be submitted to the Foundation by March 1st, 2024 for consideration toward the 2024-2025 Synergetic Play Therapy® Certification program. For application details please visit the SPT Foundation Scholarship site.


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