“Not only has this process given me the confidence to be the kind of therapist I’ve always wanted to be, but this process has changed me as a human being. I am so grateful to
be on this lifelong journey and part of the SPT community.” – Leah Band

Life Changing

“This journey has been empowering, inspiring, and transformative, and has changed my way of living and being. The embodiment of SPT has been the nourishment that allowed me to grow in both my personal and professional worlds. Harmoniously, as I have grown, so has my relationship with my clients, and my ability to help them do the same. SPT has been my grounding roots, a guiding light, and a breath of fresh air!” – Malia Segal


Certification gave me a community that took me out of isolation, gave me a mirror that showed me the strength I hold, and created a space that safely nurtured the wounds I held and now allows me to heal others at a deeper level than ever before. Since learning SPT, I have not had the thought, “What am I doing in here?” I feel like I have all the skills and knowledge to know exactly what I am doing in each session.” – Kellee Clark


SPT offers the gift of manifesting the true expression of self, for both our young clients and ourselves. We learn to engage fully in relationship. We connect and become that which fosters trust, growth, and healing. My journey through the SPT Certification process has been the most profound learning experience of my life. I am forever transformed.” – Mary Telep

More Testimonials…

“The Online Introduction changed my work and my life to a certain degree. But the SPT Certification program really shifted how I look at parents and clients. I gained more confidence each time I had a session. I felt how I was growing alongside my clients. If you are ready for some work and some change in your life – go for it!” – Silvia Perri

“A life changing experience; to be held in community while learning to be who you are. I can’t thank Lisa and the SPT community enough for setting me on this remarkable journey.” – Megan Lelli

“With the pandemic, I managed to sign up for the Certification program and do it from my home miles and time zones away. Grateful for the opportunity. I have learned so much from Lisa, the supervisors, the team and my fellow colleagues in the program. I’ve learned to regulate, be authentic and attuned with myself during the hardest times and be an external regulator for my family, friends, clients and all those around me. SPT has helped me grow and attach to my inner self.” – Ekta Bid

“SPT not only provided the gateway to the professional growth experience I was hoping for, but also a personal growth journey I will forever hold in my heart.” – Bethany Mills

SPT created space for my heart to open on deeper levels. I continue to further discover how to trust myself and I am learning to love all parts of myself. This has allowed me to be more present with my clients and their journey.”  – Kim Buller

“Synergetic Play Therapy has opened my mind, heart and spirit to learning how to truly be human. It has given me permission to feel the depth of my feelings inside and out of the playroom and tools to explore how to live congruently. It is the framework that allows me to connect to my clients, others and my authentic self and be okay in the discomfort.” – Natascha Lawrence

“The SPT Certification is not an easy class. It is a process of growth and with that comes being stretched and pulled out of your comfort zone, challenging your perceptions and beliefs, and trying on new lenses to view the world. This course requires work and sacrifice. However, it is well worth it and results in amazing growth and development of the entire self.” – Natalie Olsen

“This experience was life changing. It is more than just a therapy model that can be used with kids. It is a way of being, existing, and growing. I love the science behind the framework and model.” – Kelah Savage

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