• “Building Your Dreams and Building Your Business” Retreat! – No Lodging Option

    This is not a play therapy retreat! This is a retreat for you!  This retreat is focused on achieving your dreams and relying on our community to support you on that journey!  The theme of this retreat is “Building Your Dreams and Building Your Business.” This retreat includes instruction time as we work through our money mindset, conquer our fears/blocks that are holding us back, and find footing with strategy!   There's plenty of time for contemplation, vision planning, walks in nature, and naps on porches to help you dream and build as you put it all down on paper. They'll be lots of bonding, too! From yoga to energy healings to a celebration of each other, this retreat serves as a time to reunite, regenerate, relax, and – of course - regulate! And we’re doing it all in style! The house we’re renting sits on forty acres with its own river, forest, and beach. It’s an organic working farm complete with goats, chickens, ducks, cats, and dogs. The house itself offers resort-like features – spacious, homey, and filled with spectacular views.  
  • In this 1.5 hour live webinar, Lisa will share her knowledge that she has acquired offering more specific "how to" action steps to help you create your business and launch your vision.  Whether it is "how to write a book, how to publish a book, how to organize content for a course, how to hire people to work for you, how to leverage volunteers when then funds aren't there, now to write a business plan to receive money from a bank or investor" or something entirely different, Lisa will share with you what she has learned along the way. For course details, see below.
  • You have been selected to be a part of the 2019-2020 Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Cohort!  Congratulations! To secure your spot, you will put down a 600.00 USD deposit.  The rest of the money will be due before August and you will be emailed a link for payment along with course information closer to the start of the first retreat.  Reminder that if you pay in full, you receive 400.00 off the total price for additional savings! Refund Policy: Your deposit secures your spot in the Certification Program. Withdrawal before the program begins will result in a forfeit of the full deposit amount. This deposit is non-refundable!  For more information regarding dates, scroll down below.
  • The Six-Day Synergetic Play Therapy® Intensive allows you to jump in and really experience the magic of Synergetic Play Therapy®! We hold these intensives regularly throughout the year, limiting this program to four people in order to permit extensive skill practice with individualized coaching and feedback. Each participant will be paired with a child client with whom they will work every day during the training under direct supervision as part of a therapeutic observation team. Dive into SPT and see if it's right for you!

    Six-Day Synergetic Play Therapy® Intensive Prerequisite Training:
    • Participants should have completed or be enrolled in a Master’s Degree (or equivalent) program in counseling, social work, or education.
    • Previous experience working with children and families is also required.
    • A basic understanding of play therapy and play therapy skills is required.
    For availability and registration details, please contact the Institute at 720-458-9597 or email info@synergeticplaytherapy.com.

    ***Please scroll to the bottom of this page for a complete list of the course details and objectives***

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  • "I am always excited to repeat the retreats as an alumni for three reasons. First, there is always new information to be had. Second, each time I hear the information that Lisa imparts, I hear it in a different way. Lastly, it is so wonderful to be in such a supportive environment with like-minded people. I can’t get enough!" -Johanna Simmons Ask and you shall receive ... After much feedback from SPTers, we have broadened the Synergetic Play Therapy Certification retreats and now the online classes. As an esteemed alumni, you are invited to return and be part of the upcoming program. Embark on a one-of-a kind experience of connection and community ... mentor, master, and make new memories. Choose from one of three destinations for the retreats (details below) and come be yourself over and over again! In addition to the retreats, you also have the option of purchasing the live monthly online classes. Registration closes August 1st. For class details and objectives, please see below.
  • During your journey to become a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist you studied nervous system regulation, authenticity and congruency, interoception, emotional age, and so much more to help you become more  masterful at becoming an external regulator for a child and their caregivers.  You also learned how to apply these concepts to yourself for your own growth and development in order to heal yourself and develop your capacity for self-regulation.  And now it is time to take the next step towards self mastery…. Go deeper into the development of yourself -  Deeper into understanding the body and your own activation patterns - Deeper into the mind - Deeper into integrating your perceptions and working on emotional charges that are in the way of being an external regulator. For course details and topics covered, see below.
  • Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACES) can be a part of growing up. But how can we help turn these obstacles into opportunities for growth and resilience? And apply this knowledge to the play therapy process? This webinar explores how play therapy can be used to help mitigate the effects of ACES. Learn the major categories of ACES, along with protective factors or strategies that have been shown to be helpful both in the short-term and long-term.
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  • Whether you're looking for how to engage the resistant child, turn Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) into opportunities for growth and resilience, use yoga to increase your ability to connect to yourself and your clients, or create a neuroception of safety in the playroom, we have you covered. Explore these topics and so many others in our one-hour courses below. Then choose 4 courses to create a bundle for only $79 and save (value $100 USD!)  You can buy as many bundles as you would like (each as a new order)! See below for course descriptions. To view course details and objectives, click to the right of the title.
  • 1 time payment for: Christine Nicholson 750.00 AUD  
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  • Eating challenges in children can show up in many ways. From the refusal to eat to eating too much, underneath often lies the need for perfectionism and control. Helping kids take these challenges off their plates involves offering choices and uncovering co-existing issues, as well as providing parental support.  This course takes a look at this important struggle.
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  • Every therapist has been there - in a session with a child who doesn't want to come in the room, a child who doesn't want to do the task, a child who only wants to avoid the issue.  This webinar explores what to do when a child client's language and behavior say "no."  Join us as we explore resistance, with a focus on differentiating resistance from avoidance and differentiating resistance from the dorsal collapse in the nervous system. Emotional flooding is explored as well.
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  • In response to COVID-19, the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute began offering free webinars to address the challenges, stress and impact that therapists, teachers, parents, and those on the frontlines were facing. Since then, we've continued to offer free webinars to support you on your professional and personal life's journey. Please enjoy free access to these very special webinars. You may view and share it with as many people as you feel it would help. Want to take it to a whole other level? ... Join Lisa for a six-week experience, "Regulating Through the Daily Challenges of the Coronavirus" as she helps you regulate through the trials and tribulations of any challenge you might be facing. You'll receive tools and strategies to help you with any moment in your life where you might experience a crisis, challenge, or struggle. You can start anytime as all the webinars are archived for you. Get all the details here!


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