• How to Use a Sand Tray as a Regulation Tool

    "This was the most significant sand tray training which help me better understand the ways sand can assist in helping regulate/co-regulate our nervous systems. I highly recommend this training to anyone who works with children and adults." -Helen Wilson "Although I consider myself a seasoned play and sand tray therapist I learned so much in just one hour of this course. Highly recommended!" - Marina Keukens Terrell Have you ever wondered how to help children facilitate their processing in your playroom through the use of sand in a nontraditional way?  If so, this workshop is for you! The sand tray is a common fixture in play therapy. But thinking outside the “sandbox” allows therapists to use sand in a nontraditional way, fostering regulation. In this engaging workshop the play therapist will learn the 5 toys needed to turn a sand tray into a regulation tool, gain an understanding of how a child can use the sand and the activation in their nervous system as well as be exposed to various ways to bring regulation into the sand tray to help deepen the child’s experience. Join us as we explore the link between sand and the nervous system and discover how the proper tools can deepen both the child’s experience and their healing. https://youtu.be/x4Z4xlOANwU Please see course details below. For a list of all available products, please go here.
  • "Although I have been utilizing mindfulness for years in the therapy room, this training opened my eyes to the opportunities and benefits that I was overlooking. I am able to more intentionally track the content AND processes occurring in session, leading to more richness and depth in the work." -Dr. Alana Roth

    Neuroscience is revealing that mindfulness is a key component for integration, so what is it, what is it not and how to incorporate it into the playroom are important questions to consider as a play therapist.  If you are curious about understanding mindfulness and developing a more mindful approach to your work,  join Lisa Dion in an interactive workshop on becoming a mindful play therapist.

    In this course, you will explore some of the neuroscience behind mindfulness as you learn how to cultivate it within yourself and within your child clients. You will also learn the importance of bringing mindfulness into the playroom as a way to avoid compassion fatigue, vicarious trauma, and burnout.  This course is applicable to all play therapy theories.

    https://youtu.be/jwCo52TKE2I This course helps play therapists to:
    • Connect mindfulness and trauma integration
    • Reduce compassion fatigue
    • Help children cultivate mindfulness
    • Understand the neuroscience behind cultivating mindfulness
    See course details below. For a list of all available products, please go here.
  • "The neuroscience behind this training will blow your mind!" - Keri Sawyer "I used to struggle with explaining how play therapy "works" to fathers who were more "left brain" (e.g., Lawyers, accountants, Google employees, etc). But that's not an issue for me anymore. Lisa taught me how to work with resistant fathers so they can confidently "buy" into the play therapy process!" - Susan Stutzman

    In this thought-provoking yet practical workshop, participants will explore what it really takes to partner with parents. They will have the opportunity to understand how to have a successful intake session setting the stage for a higher level of investment and commitment, how to communicate to parents so that they understand what play therapy is and how it works, how to translate what is happening in the playroom so that parents understand how the goals are being worked on, what to do with resistant parents and what to do when parents just want to drop their child off to be "fixed".

    Through new skills, insights and a framework rooted in relationship theory, therapists are guaranteed to leave feeling inspired to work with parents.

    This course helps play therapists strengthen their work with parents so they can: 

    • Get More Clients
    • Understand the Parent's Brain
    • Be More Authentic with Parents
    • Have Successful Parent Intakes
    • Level-Up Their Parent Coaching Skills
    Please see course details below. For a list of all available products, please go here.


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