Hi Certified SPTer!

It is so good to be connected to you again, and this time in person!  Thank you for all you are doing out in the world and for coming back to this course to renew your Synergetic Play Therapy® Credential, so that you can continue your journey as a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist or Certified Synergetic Play Provider.  You might be wondering “Why do I have to go back to the basics?” and the answer is because when you first learned the Synergetic Play Therapy® tenets and foundational teachings of Synergetic Play Therapy®, you spent the majority of your time trying to orient towards a new way of being in the playroom while trying to grab ahold of some of the details of the Synergetic Play Therapy® philosophy (some of which stuck and some of which didn’t!). And you likely can’t recall when on your journey you learned all that you know now, when you went on to Certification we actually spent very little time on the basics! Hard to believe, but it is true! That is why going back to the beginning every few years is essential as this is where the Synergetic Play Therapy® theory gets more deeply rooted in you and you also get the updated content. I can tell you from past students that have already done their recertification that they were so grateful they did – I hear things like, “I had forgotten about that part” and “I just got re-inspired all over again!”  So thank you for your time and dedication to studying Synergetic Play Therapy®.  Quite frankly, you rock 🙂

I am looking forward to seeing you in person here very soon and continuing to be a part of your learning!

Love, Lisa

Here’s what you need to get started:

  1. The Book: Pull out your Aggression in Play Therapy: A Neurobiological Approach for Integrating Intensity book as you will be asked to review/re-read it. We invite you to go ahead and get started now!
  2. Course Access: You will have access to all course content for 2 months following the end of the course. Your course expiration date is March 31st, 2024. This is the date by which you will need to have fully completed the course and its requirements.
  3. Attendance: You will be required to attend the 3-day in-person course in full and participate fully in the training. You will also be required to complete 3 pre-recorded video lessons and a book review following our time together in person.
  4. Consultation: Taking this course for Recertification does not require you to participate in the group consultation sessions. However, we strongly suggest you consider scheduling a few consultation sessions anyway (especially if you haven’t received any Synergetic Play Therapy® consultation in awhile) as an additional support to your continued integration of the material. Click here to purchase individual consultation or form a group for a discount.

In-Person Course Schedule: July 21-23, 2023. Each day we will meet from 9:00am – 4:30pm Mountain Time (Denver).

Doors will open each day at 8:30am Mountain Time (Denver). We will also take an hour break for lunch. Lunch will not be provided so we ask that you please plan accordingly. 

Other Important Dates: After our time together in person, you will need to complete three video lessons and a book review. These lessons will open over the course of the next few months to support your continued learning as you read, or return to, the required book, Aggression in Play Therapy: A Neurological Approach for Integrating Intensity. Please take note of the following dates:

  • Video Lesson: Synergetic Play Therapy® and Cultural Humility will become available on August 1, 2023,
  • Video Lesson: 4 Threats and the Set Up Through a Cultural Lens on September 1, 2023,
  • Video Lesson: Synergetic Play Therapy® and Teletherapy on October 1, 2023, and your final lesson
  • Book Review: Aggression in Play Therapy: A Neurological Approach for Integrating Intensity will become available on November 1, 2023.

Once you have completed all of the above requirements, you will have an opportunity to print one CE Certificate acknowledging all of the credit earned throughout this course. Keep scrolling for more information.

Course Location/Hotel Information: This 3-day in-person course will be held at the Boulder Marriott Hotel in Boulder, Colorado.

Boulder Marriott Hotel
2660 Canyon Boulevard, Boulder, Colorado, 80302

If you are looking to book a hotel room for these dates, please use the link above to explore options at the venue or try one of these nearby hotels:

Embassy Suites by Hilton Boulder
Residence Inn Boulder Canyon
Hilton Garden Inn Boulder

Course Handouts: All handouts needed for this course can be found in the lesson titled “3-Day Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy (July 2023) – Course Handouts”. This lesson will be made available to you before the start of the course. Please print the provided handouts and bring them with you on Day 1 of the course. Lisa will be referencing these handouts throughout her teachings and you will need them to take notes! (Some of these handouts you may have seen before 😊)

Course Agreements: Prior to our first day together on July 21, 2023, you are required to complete the first lesson of this course, “Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy Course (2023) Recertification – Course Agreements”. Please click on the lesson with the same name at the bottom of this page to read the Course Agreements document and complete a short quiz acknowledging that you have read and agree to the Course Agreements. You will not gain access to the remainder of the course lessons until you have successfully completed this step.

CE Credits: If you are a mental health professional, you may be eligible to earn play therapy approved CE credits for this course. You will be issued one certificate indicating CE credit earned after completion of the entire course. SPTI is an approved provider for the following organizations:

*Synergetic Play Therapy Institute, APT Approved Provider 09-264
*Australian Play Therapists Association (APTA) Approved Provider
*British Columbia Play Therapy Association (BCPTA) Approved Provider 23-01

The CE Credits earned through the completion of this course meet FULL SPT Credential Renewal/Recertification requirements! You will be required to submit the CE Verification Form, along with your CE Certificate, following course completion.

SPT Certified Community: If you have not already joined the free SPT Certified Community, we encourage you to do so ASAP! This online community is a gathering place for all graduates of the SPT Certification program and is your one-stop shop for all important information related to your SPT journey! There is also an entire page dedicated to the SPT Credential Renewal/Recertification process within the SPT Certified Community to answer any questions you may have! 💜