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SPT Community Membership

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Welcome to an extra dose of growth, learning, depth, connection, and SPT love!

You are a valuable part of SPT and we are delighted to have you as part of the SPT Community Membership. We appreciate you investing in yourself and our SPT Community! As a Certified Community Member, you can access a wealth of continued learning opportunities in the webinar library and bonus content videos as well as member discounts on courses and other training.

Here is what you can expect from the Membership:
Live Webinars each month you can go deeper into your learning and application of SPT in your work with clients and in your life. Lisa takes us in depth on a variety of topics such as using SPT with specific populations or further insight on the SPT Model. Some months you can learn from other Certified Community Members who will provide webinars on the inspiring work they are doing using SPT. Other months you can join Live Conversations with Lisa where you ask questions about SPT. Each is an opportunity to connect with our incredible Certified Community as we continue to grow and expand.

Yoga + Mindfulness with Lauren Porter, a Synergetic Play Therapist, offers yoga classes suitable for both beginners and experienced practitioners, emphasizing the importance of tuning into and responding to the dynamic shifts within ourselves with curiosity and kindness. Her exploratory classes encourage participants to explore their inner landscapes through slow flow, pauses, rhythmic movements, and breathwork. Lauren promotes self-paced movement, honoring individual ranges of motion, and embracing modifications that align with personal needs and emotions. By embodying this practice, she believes we unlock authenticity and foster deeper connections in our relationships.

Circle of Support with Kim Buller and Mary Margaret Hagen who both are Certified Synergetic Play Therapists, Supervisors and Senior Introduction Consultants for SPTI. This community comes together twice a month, providing a sacred space for connecting with self and others. This is a time to pause, anchor in, share, and be witnessed. It is an hour to resource your body, heart and mind. We will be exploring a theme each month, using prompts for our time together that will invite us to pause, reflect and integrate into a deeper mind/body practice. There will be time for journaling, movement, connecting, conversing and meditating.

Membership Discounts As part of your paid membership, you are provided a 15% membership discount on any 1-3 hour courses and 1 or 2-day trainings offered by SPTI (enter “Member15” at check out in the discount code section). Additional discounts on our SPT Signature Programs include $100 off signature courses (2 per year).

Share Your Genius (Coming Soon) – This presents an opportunity for members to inspire others by showcasing how they are integrating SPT into their professional and personal lives!

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