Circle of Support

Holding You, So You Can Hold Others

One of the most special parts of being an SPT Therapist is our community.

~ A community where we are seen, valued, appreciated and loved for who we are.
~ A community where we can feel nourished and supported as we continue to learn and grow.
~ A community where we encourage each other to keep going deeper, knowing that our own integration widens our window of tolerance as we hold space for others.
~ A community that cheers each other on as we transcend another level in our development. ~ A community that provides a soft place to land on those days when it just feels like too much.

Join us as we gather in community each month and hold sacred space for connecting with ourselves and each other. This is a time to pause, to anchor in, to share and to be witnessed. It is an hour to resource your body, heart and mind.

We will be exploring a theme each month, using prompts for our time together that will invite us to pause, reflect and integrate into a deeper mind/body practice. There will be time for journaling, movement, connecting, conversing and meditating.

Please bring a journal and a candle as we honor each of our lights. We look forward to continuing on our journey of nurturing ourselves and cultivating our SPT presence in the world.

There will be two opportunities to gather each month to accommodate different time zones.

Upcoming Sessions

Meet your Space Holders

Mary Margaret
Mary Margaret owns a private practice and has been a play therapist for over 10 years. Her journey has included being an elementary school teacher (internationally and in the states), volunteering for nonprofits all over the world, and working in a transitional housing facility for many years as a social worker and counselor. She always knew that she wanted to work with children, but she truly found meaning in her work when she discovered play therapy. She loves spending her time helping children to attach to themselves and learn to thrive amidst the challenges in their worlds. She is a Trained Demartini Facilitator and Certified Synergetic Play Therapist and Supervisor. Becoming certified in Synergetic Play Therapy was truly transformative for her, leading her down the path of authenticity and attaching to self, and she greatly enjoys consulting and supervising others who are on the same journey. She knows from personal experience how burnout and compassion fatigue can become overwhelming and consuming when we don’t tend to ourselves. She loves to support other therapists who are feeling drained by their clients and need help in shifting their perceptions and finding ways to regulate through the challenges. She is so excited to have the opportunity to hold space for others who need a little support!
Kim Buller
Kim Buller
Kim is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist and Supervisor. She is a Senior Intro Consultant and Student Engagement Liaison for SPTI. She has a private practice near Salem, Oregon focused on serving children, teens and their families. Her work is grounded in the healing power of relationship, both with self and others. Kim has been practicing play therapy since 2005 and was introduced to SPT in 2013. Her journey with SPT has transformed her practice and her life, and she loves supporting others in discovering their authenticity and fully showing up in their experience. Nature is her favorite external regulator and most trusted guide, feeling deeply is her superpower and she thrives in connection.