Thank you for registering for the Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor Training!  The intention of this email is to confirm that you are enrolled in the course and to provide you with key information to help you get started. If you’ve made it this far, you’ve completed the following pre-reqs: SPT certified for at least 2 years or 1 year supervisory experience with 5 people, hold current LPC or LCSW, have taken or watched the Intro to SPT course within the last 3 years, and must purchase the video library annually.

This is an experiential course allowing you to gain supervisory experience while receiving group support. You must have at least two supervisees for this course.

Please save the following dates:

1.) Being an SPT Supervisor – General Theory

August 26, 2017,  9am-12pm MST

In this class, supervisors-in-training will begin to explore the supervisory relationship through the Synergetic Play Therapy lens, We will take the SPT principles and apply them to supervision while deepening our understanding of the skill we can help develop in our supervisees.

2.) Independent Study – Application of SPT Principles through a Supervisory Lens

3 hours on own- must be completed by last How to Supervise Class

In this independent study course, participants will be required to watch videos from the video library and complete written summaries, read Lisa’s book on Aggression and take test. This course is designed to facilitate understanding of the finer details of SPT application, so that you can support your supervisees through their client cases.

3.) How to Supervise a SPT Supervisee Class

9 hours of video watching + 3 hours of discussion – Oct 9, Dec 11, and Feb 26 at 9am MST

Through the watching of session videos and discussion, supervisors-in-training will explore common supervision issues. You will learn techniques and skills focused on helping you navigate the supervisory relationship and challenges that arise in the playroom.

4.) Clinical Issues in SPT Supervision Groups

 6 one-hour monthly consultation group sessions –  Oct 30, Nov 27, Dec 18, Jan 22, Feb 12, March 12

This is an experiential course allowing supervisors-in-training to gain supervisory experience while receiving group support. Participants must have at least two supervisees for this course.

If you have any questions, simply reply to this email and we are happy to help.

Thank you again, and see you in August!

-Lisa and Team