Thank you for registering for the Synergetic Play Therapy Certification Course!  We have received your payment. The intention of this email is to confirm that you are enrolled in the course and to provide you with key information to help you get started.

Before you officially get started, you will need to answer a few quick questions / agreements to the program. 

Also, please “bookmark” the log in portal listed below.  This is where you will go to regularly to get class handouts, watch class videos, get webinar links, rate class objectives and print your certificates. 
To log in to your account, click here.   (Book Mark ME or save to your favorites!)
For now if you log in, please go to “My Courses” at the top of the page. You should see the course “SPT Certification 2019 – 2020.” If it is showing up…GREAT! More information will be added with in that course, when you click on it. 
As you know this program kicks off with a 3 day retreat.
Part of the retreat experience is an opportunity for you to boost your confidence with parents right out the gate. So on Day 2 of your retreat you will be breaking up into small groups and will be doing 4 mini presentations on various aspects of SPT ( Synergetic Play Therapy.) These presentations are relaxed, no pressure opportunities to practice explaining concepts to parents. And with that some preparation is required. To support you in this Lisa is providing you with access to videos so you can study the content that these presentations will be on.
These videos are found on your e-learning platform along with more information about the retreat, locations, and your handouts.
You can now log in and click on “My Courses.” This program is titled “SPT Certification 2019 – 2020”. Please click this course to begin. You will first see a the “3 Day Retreat” Lesson followed by the “Handouts”.  The “Handouts” Lesson are uploaded handouts/resources for you. ( Please scroll to the bottom to this to click, mark complete to move to the next lesson.)   The “3 Day Retreat” Lesson is where you will want to go to get all of the details you will need to know as you prepare for your retreat in either Boulder, Vancouver, or Melbourne.
If the course is not showing up in your account, please email Janelle for assistance:  info@synergeticplaytherapy.com  
*2019-2020 Class Schedule:
Webinar Dates: All webinars are 5:00 – 6:30 PM (MST, Denver)
  • (2019 dates) September 11th and 25th October 9th and 23rd November 6th and 20th
  • (2020 dates) February 12th and 26th March 11th and 25th April 8th and 22nd
    May 6th and 20th

Mandatory Retreat Dates:

  • Boulder –
    (2019) August 16th to August 18th (2020) January 16th to January 20th
  • Vancouver –
    (2019) September 20th to September 22nd (2020) January 9th to January 13th
  • Melbourne –
    (2019) August 26th to August 28th (2020) February 3rd to February 7th
If you have any questions, simply reply to this email and we are happy to help.
Thank you again, and see you in August or September!
-Lisa and Team