Have you found it difficult, confusing, tiring, or maybe even exhausting wearing your two hats day in and day out?…One as a therapist and the other as a parent?…

Lisa Dion totally gets it!!…as both a therapist and a parent these past 15 years.

Come learn, reflect, and discuss how to:

  • Stay present with your clients after something impactful happens in your home
  • Have more energy for your own kids
  • Counsel children who are struggling with the same issues as your own kids
  • Take off the pressure of being a “good parent” because you’re a play therapist
  • Give yourself the attention you deserve
  • Reduce guilt or shame of not being able to help your own child when you’re able to help other children

And ultimately, discover ways to be the most important toy in both the playroom and in your own home!

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