Welcome to the Business of Therapy Course

You did it!  You took the first step towards your next level of business mastery by signing up.  Whether you are attending in-person or virtually, I am so excited that you have made this commitment to yourself and your dreams.  Having attended so many business trainings myself, I know the value of this type of learning and experience and what it has the potential of doing for you.   I am just so excited for what’s to come for you!  Thank you for taking the leap and I am already counting down the days until our time together.  – Much love, Lisa

***This page has been created for you as your “go-to” page as we make our way to November, so make sure you bookmark it!***

We want to hear from you! – Before we get started, complete this short questionnaire so we know what your hopes are for the course.   And if you’re on Facebook, join us in a private group for students of The Business of Therapy course. Share comments, questions, resources, and let’s get to know each other!

One of the greatest business principles you will ever learn is that spending time working on your business is just as important as spending time in your business. In fact, it pays dividends, literally. 

So we’re not going to wait until November to get started … let’s get down to business!   We will be adding short videos, resources, exercises, etc. to this page as we go! (Scroll to bottom to watch your videos).  


“This course gave me permission to not only follow my dreams, but also gave me the “how to” of making them happen. It was inspiring and has changed my perspective on what’s possible for me in my life.” -Kristen Spiegel

The Business of Therapy is a 2.5 day, LIVE interactive course that includes over 17-hours of content weaving together instruction and work time designed for you to walk away with a plan in place to help you build your dreams.

…Because doing work that inspires you while making money isn’t a fantasy. Lisa will teach you how to master a business mindset, put steps into action, challenge your fears and listen to your intuition so you can go after your biggest entrepreneurial dreams. 


  • Discover what is truly important to you and how to create a congruent vision
  • Think and problem solve like an entrepreneur
  • Navigate the “feedback systems” that arise in business creation
  • Create a strategic plan, set goals and manage time horizons 
  • Identify and shift your money psychology
  • Raise rates and determine fees
  • Use the chaos in your business to your advantage 
  • Work with rejection and negative feedback
  • Tackle your fears and limiting beliefs that keep you stuck 
  • Take calculated business risks and create a Plan B for economic and market downturns
  • The developmental stages of a business/dream
  • Build an accountability team to keep you focused
  • How to identify your target market and unique message
  • How to be leader and run a company or practice
  • And so much more! 


In-Person Participants – Reserve your hotel, flights and plan for the Champagne Tower Event (optional):

This year’s event will be at the Brown Palace Hotel & Spa, Denver, Colorado’s most famous and recognizable hotel. It’s superbly designed inside and out, and its downtown location and luxurious accommodations have made it a favorite of celebrities and politicians since the late 1800s. We chose this location for you as a symbol of your worth – because you’re worth it! And your dreams are worth it!!

  • Please note that the hotel is now booked, but there are several hotels nearby. Email us if you need help finding a hotel. 


Flights/Transportation: Choose the Denver International Airport for your flight.  It’s about 30 minutes from the airport to the hotel.  The hotel address and all of the transportation information can be found here.

Parking at the Brown Palace: Current parking rates are as followings and subject to change – Event Only Valet Parking (up to 8 hours) – $32.00 per vehicle/per day, excluding gratuity. Overnight Valet Parking – $56 per vehicle / per day, excluding gratuity. Oversized and exotic vehicles (including motorcycles) are subject to addition. There are also many nearby parking options outside of the hotel.

Champagne Tower Event Registration: We now have FREE ADMISSION to the Champagne Cascade Event at the Brown Palace on Sunday for all in-person participants to join – Woohoo! (If you previously purchased a ticket, the hotel has issued a refund.) If you don’t know what we’re talking about, they do this each year to kick of the holiday season. Imagine a 2 story high pyramid of 5000+ champagne glasses.  And now imagine master swordsmen severing bottlenecks of Moet Champagne with sabers and then pouring the champagne into the uppermost glass as the champagne cascades down! Wow!  We’re so lucky that this happens to be on the last day of our event, so we’ve changed the schedule slightly (see schedule below) so that those who want to see it have a chance to go. To join us, you DO NOT need to purchase a ticket or reserve your spot. Just join us after class. 

Virtual Participants – If you are attending online, please block out your calendar for this time period AS IF you were attending in-person.  This event is not being recorded! You will need to be present for all of the conference time because online attendees will be broadcasted directly into the conference meeting room! You will be able to ask questions and the in-person attendees will be able to see and hear you. You will participate in the same break-out experientials with other online participants. To make your online experience as enjoyable as possible, commit to being 100% present and free from distractions.

All Participants

What to Bring & Wear for both In-Person and Virtual Participants: This course is about stepping into your dream and embodying the entrepreneurial side of yourself, so we recommend dressing the part.  Dress in a way that makes you feel confident and like you really own your dream/your business.  Business casual comes to mind, but you know YOU the best! 

We are going to be doing a fair amount of “work”, so make sure you bring whatever you like to take notes on and create with.  If you are a computer person, bring your laptop (make sure you bring it fully charged in case you aren’t near an outlet).  If you are a paper/pen person, bring a journal.  And bring some markers/crayons, etc. as you will have time to draw out/write out your vision.


*Please note a schedule change. Due to the hotel informing us that check out is at 11 am and the announcement that their famous Champagne Tower Event kicking off the holiday season starts at 11 am MST, we are ending an hour early to accommodate.  But don’t worry, you won’t miss any content as Lisa is going to create a video for you with the information that she would have covered live and it will be emailed to you after the event.  See details below.


1. Building a dream REQUIRES feelings of incompetency and inadequacy! … What?! Have a listen to this short video as Lisa walks you through the Peter Principle in business and how to think about those moments when you find yourself staring at your own incompetency…💕 This is just one of many many principles Lisa is going to teach in The Business of Therapy course.

2. WHAT YOUR EXPERIENCE WILL BE LIKE IN THIS COURSE: In this video, you’ll learn exactly what you can expect … and while you’re watching, you’ll notice a part where you’ll start to feel really inspired about what you’ll be able to create for yourself (…it’s a Rocky Balboa at the top of the steps kind of moment) –  That’s the business journey you’ll be embarking on!

3. Lessons from the Playroom Podcast Episode #121: The Topic We Don’t Study Enough As Therapists. In this podcast episode, Lisa has a really special guest joining her for this episode and they’re doing something different today … It’s time to talk about business! – One of the most important topics we don’t talk much about as therapists. And to help Lisa out with this conversation, she has Jen Taylor who’s going to be interviewing her on her business journey.

4. Summer (or Winter) Series Challenge Number 1 Tips for Investing in Your Business – Enter to win a 1 hour course of your choice from the SPTI catalog. *Responses must be received by June 30th and the winner will be chosen at random on July 1st and notified via email. Did you crunch your numbers yet??? Here’s all you have to do to enter the contest: * Figure out the amount of money you spent on toys, play therapy trainings and supplies. * Then figure out the amount you spent on learning HOW to be in business (business classes, training, coaching, etc). * Email both numbers to info@synergeticplaytherapy.com by June 30th.

5. Summer (or Winter) Series Challenge Number 2 – The sky’s the limit for this summer challenge. Literally. Whether you prefer to day-dream outside floating in the pool or inside enjoying the cool A/C, this challenge requires you to take some time away from your business in order to grow your business. In the video below, Lisa explains why scheduling  “thinking time” and actually putting it on your calendar is so important to your success.  NOW – ENTER TO WIN: Email info@synergticplaytherapy.com with your screenshot of your thinking time calendar appointment and one thought you had during that time to be entered to win $50 off this The Business of Therapy course. *Responses must be received by July 31st and the winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.


6. Summer (or Winter) Series Challenge Number 3. In our final summer business challenge, let’s talk about the times when our business can feel painful. When you start dreaming big about your business, there are inevitably times when you will feel disappointed. You had your sights set on something really inspiring and exciting and for whatever reason…. It didn’t happen.

As you watch the video below titled: How to Manage Rejection in Business challenge yourself to look at a recent business disappointment. I’ll give you a very specific strategy to shift the energy of the disappointment and ultimately….to see how that experience was actually helping you and your business grow. NOW ENTER TO WIN: Email info@synergticplaytherapy.com with your rejection experience or your business disappointment and be entered to win a FREE 30 minute coaching session with Lisa to uncover the potential growth opportunity in that challenge.

*Responses must be received by August 31st and the winner will be chosen at random and notified via email.

Please click on the lesson below titled “BONUS VIDEO – The Business of Therapy Teaching, “Presentations” to view the promised bonus video from Lisa!

“I signed up for the course when I began launching my business, and it truly was eye opening, inspirational, insightful and fun. What I learned made me realize why my businesses did not work in the past; that I wasn’t doing it from the inside out, but always trying to do it from the outside in.”  -Ekta Bid