Thank you for joining Lisa for this 6-week event, Regulating Through the Daily Challenges (inspired by COVID-19 and a live event that occurred in 2020) as she helps you regulate through the trials and tribulations of all the challenges you might be experiencing in your life.

During the time together, you’ll learn many ways to come back to yourself and back to inspiration, so you can better navigate these unchartered waters with more poise and stability – you’ll go from surviving to thriving!

Topics will include:

  • Regulating children in the home or through a screen
  • Balancing working at home (and for some the added challenge of parenting)
  • Supporting your staff and colleagues at work
  • Maintaining conflict in your marriage, family, and other important relationships
  • Navigating your work through virtual platforms
  • Figuring out what boundaries actually look like
  • Restoring sleep and eating patterns in the midst of high stress activation
  • And of course more neuroscience and more regulation!