Welcome to the Pre-Teens and Teens in Play Therapy video course ! Please click on the lesson to find your course handouts including a powerpoint to follow along with the video.  After the video course is finished you will need to take a quiz and rate the learning objectives to obtain your certificate.

From twelve-year-olds to seniors in high school, adolescence is a changing time. This makes play therapy a challenge: how do you heal those maneuvering the middle ground between childhood and adulthood? Join us on this journey as we explore when to apply directive and non-directive play, how to work with older children, and how to set goals for this population.

Pre-teens and Teens in Play Therapy Objectives:

  • Identify why it is important not to have a script for when to apply directive and non-directive play therapy interventions with pre-teens and teens
  • Discuss the importance of assessing the pre-teen or teen’s emotional age in the play therapy process
  • Describe the most important goal when applying play therapy to your work with pre-teens and teens


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