Thank you for participating in the Growing Up in Play Therapy training! Please click on the lesson to find your course handouts and bring to class on Feb. 3rd. After the course you will need to rate the learning objectives to obtain your certificate.

Growing Up in Play Therapy Course Objectives:

1.  Begin to understand how to chart clients using “The Curve” in Synergetic Play Therapy.
2. Understand the development of play in a child and how to use this information as a clue in sessions to determine their  emotional age.
3. Understand the different stages of development that a child goes through and how these stages show up in the Playroom.
4. Learn 3 different ways of accessing a child’s emotional age.
5. Understand the importance of working with a child at their emotional age versus their chronological age in play therapy.
6. Understand the stages of therapy based on “The Curve” in Synergetic Play Therapy.



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