Lisa Dion and her dear friend, Peter Bliss join forces again to support you in staying connected during the Holidays ….with the message that staying calm is not the objective or solution for getting through not only the challenges and uncertainty of the world we live in right now, but also this holiday season (because as we know, it’s not always about cheer and jubilee).

Enjoy this 1-hour recorded webinar – “Don’t Expect to Stay Calm – Stay Connected Part 2: Regulating through the Holidays.” You’ll explore mindfulness, brain science, and specific breathing techniques (e.g., vodka breath, water breath and coffee breath – no these aren’t the drinks ) as ways to connect to yourself during stress and challenge. Access your internal resources to cultivate resilience, creativity, growth, and a sense of okay-ness during the Holiday season.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

✨ How to stay present during the stress and challenges of the season.
✨ An understanding of what’s happening in the mind that contributes to stress.
✨ How to cultivate gratitude during the holidays.
✨ Different mindfulness experiential exercises (we heard one was called Coffee Breathe).


Please click on the lesson below to access the video.