This 2-hour home study course is designed to help play therapists learn what the interoceptive sense is and how to use play to develop interoception in their child clients setting the stage for successful regulation and co-regulation.  Play therapists will have fun experientially exploring this fundamental part of the sensory system.

Developing Interoception: The Pre-Req for Co-regulation and Self-Regulation in the Playroom Learning Objectives:

  • Explore at least 4 ways to develop the interoceptive sense in the therapist and in the child client
  • Discuss the importance of the therapist strengthening their own interoceptive sense and the implications in the playroom for trauma integration
  • Examine the role interoception plays in the development of the ability to regulate and co-regulate

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In order to complete the course and print a certificate, you must complete all lessons below. Please remember that your access to this course and its content will expire 365 days from the date of purchase.