Welcome to the course on Becoming an SPT Supervisor!

What a privilege and an honor it will be to get to spend time with you as we learn how to do this “supervision”  🙂  Becoming a supervisor in someone’s life is a big deal and is one of the most rewarding relationships you will ever develop with another.

I am so grateful that you want to continue to learn more about SPT and how to apply the ideas into your own development as a supervisor.

Welcome to the next level of your growth and journey 🙂




All of our classes are held via webinar. We use zoom.us as our platform.  For best quality, please us a high internet speed connection or plugged in with a landline.   You will be asked to turn your camera on, so please be prepared to do so.  We want you to be a part of the class 🙂  Zoom allows you to access the class via the computer or to call in, so if you are running late please call until you can arrive at your computer. Please have a headset handy in case your sound needs some support.

To attend a class via webinar, please click on the link to access the class. Links for the classes are located in the corresponding lesson. You can click through the lessons to access zoom webinar links, by “marking complete” at the bottom of each lesson even if you haven’t 100% completed everything in that particular lesson.

Please note: The Association for Play Therapy requires full attendance of the class to receive credit.



As a reminder this class consists of four classes AND you must have 2 supervisee’s to supervise during this course:

1.) Being an SPT Supervisor – General Theory: (3 Direct Contact Credits) Sept 19th, 2019 from 5-8 pm (MST)

2.) Independent Study – Application of SPT Principles through a Supervisory Lens: (3 Non-contact Credits) All 3 hours must be completed by the last “How to Supervise” class

3.) How to Supervise an SPT Supervisee: (9 Non-contact Credits and 3 Direct Contact Credits)
9 hours of video watching + 3 hours of discussion –  All classes at 5:00 PM MST

4.) Clinical Issues in SPT Supervision – Groups: (6 Direct Contact Credits)
6 1-hour sessions – Oct. 14th, Nov. 18th, Jan. 6th, Feb. 24th, March 16th, & April 20th. All classes at 5:00 PM MST

By the start of the first class you will be given a link to access your own google drive folder. Please save this link, or add it to your own google drive so that you can easily upload your *independent study assignments.  ***Please make sure to label your assignments with your name and what it is.