Hello and YAY!

Welcome to the Synergetic Play Therapy® Certification Learning Retreats. We are excited that you have decided to join us as part of the senior community of Certified SPTers. For some of you, this is your first time joining us in an online retreat format and some of you are back for more. Either way, super awesome!

These retreats are designed for you to dive even deeper into understanding and refining your Synergetic Play Therapy® skills. You will do this along side the new students in the 2023-2024 cohort!

During the retreats, you will be meeting the next cohort of soon to be Certified Synergetic Play Therapists and Certified Synergetic Play Providers, comprised of play therapists and individuals from multiple countries and states from around the world with a similar vision, a yearning to grow, and a desire to develop themselves and understand what it really takes to transform a child.

I feel beyond privileged to get the opportunity to teach and engage with you AGAIN. 🙂

Much Love,  Lisa

We look forward to seeing you in one of the following online retreat locations! Please note that if you have purchased access to both retreats that you must attend both retreats at the same “online location”.

Mandatory Retreat Dates: Full attendance is mandatory in order to receive credit for the retreat(s). This time allows for growth, change, and powerful moments.  *Please note: the last day of the 3.5-day and 4.5-day learning retreats ends early.

3.5 Day Online Learning Retreat options:

  • North America: August 17th – August 20th, 2023, 9am – 4:30pm Mountain Time, Denver – (the last day ends at 12pm)
  • Australia/Asia: August 29th – September 1st, 2023, 8am – 3:30pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST) – (the last day ends at 11am)

4.5 Day Online Learning Retreat options:

  • North America: January 10th – January 14th, 2024, 9am – 4:30pm Mountain Time, Denver – (the last day ends at 12pm)
  • Australia / Asia: January 17 – January 21, 2024, 9am – 4:30 pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time (AEDT) – (the last day ends at 12pm)

Continuing Education Credits:

Synergetic Play Therapy Institute, APT Approved Provider 09-264
Australian Play Therapists Association (APTA) Approved Provider
British Columbia Play Therapy Association (BCPTA) Approved Provider

The credits in this course are approved by the above play therapy associations. Please contact APT, BCPTA or APTA to find out which and how many of the credits can be applied towards your Credential.  APT / BCPTA/ APTA  require an individual to hold a degree in mental health or be a student currently studying to receive a mental health degree in order to receive these credits.

After completion of all retreat requirements, you will be emailed a certificate of completion documenting your CE credits for completing the retreat(s). If you purchased both retreats, you must attend and complete both retreats entirely in order to receive CE credit. Partial credit will not be awarded.

If you would like to apply the course credits towards a different credential or licensure and/or consultation hours, please contact the governing board for your hours to discuss what can be applied, etc.

SPT Credential Renewal/Recertification:

In order for SPTI or Lisa Dion to advertise you as a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist or Certified Synergetic Play Provider, you must remain current in your Synergetic Play Therapy® education. “Current” status means timely renewal of the Certified Synergetic Play Therapist or Certified Synergetic Play Provider credential. This is required every 3 years due by May 31st of your renewal year.

In order to renew, you must earn at least 18 hours of CE credits specific to Synergetic Play Therapy®.  If CE credits are not submitted, you will no longer be able to use the title Certified Synergetic Play Therapist and Certified Synergetic Play Provider until renewal occurs.

Please hang on to the certificate your receive at the end of this course as you will be asked to submit the certificate along with the CE Verification Form when the time comes to renew your SPT Credential!

Have more questions about this process? Check out the SPT Credential Renewal/Recertification page in the SPT Certified Community! If you haven’t gained access to this free online gathering place for Certified SPTers, do so HERE!

Now that we have all of those details taken care of, it is time to prep for the retreats! Click on the lessons below for all of the info you need to get started!