Synergetic Play Therapy™ Certification

Synergetic Play Therapy launches you on a personal journey towards discovering what showing up in the playroom truly means. Certification takes this journey one step further. Authenticity, congruency, attunement, camaraderie – this program helps therapists look even deeper while cultivating community and a connection to clients (and each other!). Embark on a revolutionary experience filled with magical, memorable moments! Learn to love YOU and support your child clients as they learn the same. Gain confidence, hone skills and transform your practice and yourself.

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Synergetic Play Therapy Pre-Requisites (must complete one of the following and their corresponding prerequisites):

  • Attendance at Six-Day Synergetic Play Therapy™ Intensive Training with post supervision
  • Attendance at Synergetic Play Therapy™ Supplemental Course with post supervision
  • Attendance at Six-Month Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy™ Course with post supervision

Please note: in order to participate in this program, you must have access to working with children.

If you are interested in participating in this one-of-a-kind training program, please click here for the application.  Applications for 2019-2020 will open January 15 unless told otherwise.

*For class details and objectives, please see below.



The course begins with three days together in community. Halfway through the course, we will reconvene for five additional days.  During the program (with the exception of December and January), the course will be conducted twice a month via live webinar. The Certification process includes six post-Intro or post-Intensive one-hour supervision sessions and nine one-hour supervision sessions with an SPT Supervisor (for a total of 15 hours). These sessions are designed to help you integrate and deepen your learning.

Course Details: 

When and Where: Certification Dates 2019 – 2020

Please note that attendance at all webinars and retreats is required. You may choose to attend the retreats in Boulder, Vancouver, or Melbourne, but both retreats must be attended at the same location.

Learning Objectives:  

  • Describe how SPT supports the child in changing his perceptions of the perceived challenging events and thoughts in his life
  • Explain how attunement between therapist and child is essential in order to heal disorganization in the lower brain stem and re-pattern their nervous system in the play therapy process
  • Demonstrate how a play therapist can model self-regulation to the child during a play therapy session
  • Determine how the play therapist’s ability to use mindfulness to be congruent and authentic in her language and non-verbal signals allows the child to feel safe in the relationship
  • Identify the different states of dys-regulation and their corresponding symptoms as they arise in the playroom
  • Discuss how toys are used to help facilitate the relationship between the therapist and the child during a play therapy session
  • Explain how to support the child in getting in touch with her authentic self during the play therapy process
  • Describe how the synergy between the therapist’s authenticity, attunement, congruence, and nervous system regulation supports the child in learning how to attach to self, the cornerstone of all healing
  • Discuss how the child projects his inner world onto the toys and therapist setting them up to experience his perception of what it feels like to be him during a play therapy session

Learning Objectives by Class: SPT Certification Objectives by Class

Credits: 75 APT CE Credits* (57 Direct and 18 Non-Direct)

Cost: 4400.00 (USD) (9-15 month payment plans available. 4000.00 (USD) when paid in full. 600.00 (USD) deposit required upon acceptance).

*Synergetic Play Therapy Institute, APT Approved Provider 09-264



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