Why Take This Online Intro to SPT Course?

“This training helped me build security, confidence and trust in what I am doing with children in the playroom.” -Brittany Redman

Have you ever felt lost or confused about what is happening in the playroom? Do you wonder if you are making a difference or helping the child heal in the most effective way possible? In our Online Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy course, we’ll explore what exactly is happening in the play therapy process, how change happens and ultimately what it takes to help children heal at profound levels. You will finish this online course understanding exactly how the “magic” happens in the playroom.

Join us as we take our popular Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy class online! The course starts March 9th at 11a.m. (MST) with a Live Webinar with Lisa Dion, LPC, RPT-S, and it runs through August 2017.  

Cost: Professional | $150 x 6 = $900 total or Student | $125 x 6 = $750 total (choice to pay per month or all at once)

Credits: Total 18 CE credit


  1. March 9, 11a.m. (MST): One-hour LIVE Webinar with Lisa Dion and release of the first video course.
  2. April 6: Release of the second video course.
  3. May 11, 11a.m. (MST): One-hour LIVE Webinar with Lisa and release of third video course.
  4. June 8: Release of fourth video course.
  5. July 6: Release of fifth video course.
  6. August 10, 11a.m. (MST): One-hour LIVE Webinar with Lisa and release of sixth and final video course.

The Training – The Why, Who & What Will I Learn?:

“Lisa has taught me to be a whole person-mind, body and spirit. I experience a deeper level of connection and trust than ever before with myself, my clients and in my personal relationships. I contribute much of that to the work I have done with Lisa! Thank you, Lisa!” -Jordan Yost, MA
Why take this course over other play therapy or counseling courses? We teach you the biology behind your child client’s symptoms in the playroom. You’ll learn about the significance of nervous system regulation. And more specifically, about the symptoms that arise in the playroom and what that has to do with the nervous system and brain. And once you know what’s going on with the child, we’ll teach you how to re-pattern their nervous system. You will learn about attachment, attunement and emotional congruence in ways that you’ve probably never heard before.  Plus, we’ll teach you how to regulate yourself so you have greater access to your own capacity and so you don’t get hurt, allowing you to stay engaged and inspired in your work.   

What makes Synergetic Play Therapy different? Synergetic Play Therapy will take you on a journey to deeply understand yourself. With an emphasis on therapist authenticity, SPT is designed to help therapists birth their authentic selves so that they can help their child clients do the same.  SPT recognizes that therapist authenticity and attunement in the playroom is integral to the healing of the child.

SPT also takes cutting edge information from interpersonal neurobiology, mindfulness, attachment theory and physics and blends them together in a way that allows therapists to go right to the heart of the struggle and help the child transform from the inside out. If you have ever felt that something was missing in your work or that there was another layer that you could get to or a deepening in yourself that you want to reach, SPT has some answers and a pathway to get there. (Learn more about Authenticity in the Playroom).

Who is this model not for? Synergetic Play Therapy is not for people who are looking for step-by-step techniques or a script. It’s for therapists that truly want to understand how play therapy works and are willing to dive deeply into themselves to discover the profound role they can play in a child’s healing and what they can do to facilitate it.  

In what ways will this course help alleviate the burnout I’m feeling? Often, the intense experiences therapists have in the playroom adversely affect our lives. Over time the nervous system starts to shut down because it’s too much to handle. You begin to numb out. And your capacity to stay in this field diminishes pretty quickly. In Synergetic Play Therapy, we teach you mindfulness of your body to help you become more aware of your reactions. You’ll learn how to be authentic in the playroom, thus encouraging your child clients to be more authentic; and you’ll better understand how to regulate your nervous system and then model that to your child clients.

What else will I learn? You will learn how to engage parents in the play therapy process, how to track your sessions so you don’t get lost along the way and how to set goals so you can stay on course. Plus, you’ll discover a new approach to using sand and art that supports nervous system regulation. And then we’ll conclude the course with one of the most important topics in the field—aggressive play. We’ll look at how to integrate the energy when things in the playroom become incredibly intense. This course isn’t just didactic. You’ll see firsthand how to do it through videos and modeling. You will also have your own 30-minute monthly consultation to ask questions specific to your caseload so that you can personalize and integrate the knowledge in a way that is meaningful to you.

What are other benefits I’ll get out of taking this course? It’s APT Approved, so you can get 18 continuing education credits. If you decide that you love Synergetic Play Therapy, this course also meets the prerequisite requirement you need to take the Synergetic Play Therapy Certification program. Learn more about the class now!