The “Conversation Continues” Webinar Series

The Conversation Isn’t Over Yet……..

We’re excited to announce a new idea that’ll provide even more insight into the minds of our clients. The “Conversation Continues” is a series of twenty-minute webinars available exclusively to our Lessons from the Playroom Membership Community. These webinars are dedicated to you (or, more specifically, your questions). Embrace your inquisitiveness!

Each of these webinars will “add on” to our Lessons from the Playroom webinars – they’ll dive a bit deeper into the topics and focus on anything you’re still curious about.

The way it works is simple: watch our free Lessons from the Playroom webinar either live or through the 24-hour playback and take note of any questions you may have.

After the Lessons from the Playroom webinar is complete, we’ll post to the Lessons from the Playroom Membership Community letting you know when the Conversation Continues webinar will take place. You control the content of this webinar: all you need to do is post your questions in the comments.

Once we receive the questions, we’ll create the webinar and post it on the membership page. And that’s how the conversation continues!

If you’re not part of our Lessons from the Playroom Membership Community  yet, join us today! Enrollment is simple and affordable. Just fifteen dollars a month gets you access to:

  • A private Facebook group
  • Monthly APT Approved CE credits
  • Networking opportunities
  • Our new Conversation Continues series where you control the content
  • Free e-books, handouts, worksheets, articles, videos, and more!

One of the best parts is members receive full access to our “Lessons from the Playroom” webinar series for credit. While our webinars are LIVE, members can access the recordings, watch at their convenience, and get credit!

Do you have questions about play therapy? Are you looking for a place to celebrate your authenticity? Do you wonder why kids or parents do the things they do? Are you interested in neuroscience and its impact on everyday behavior? Come along as we discuss the answers together!