***THANK YOU to each of you for helping support this process. This is an invaluable time of the retreat where you get to see the new group stepping into trusting themselves and their knowledge around SPT. We could not make this happen without the help of our experienced SPTers!

Registering for your Retreat: 

All facilitators who are helping with the Caregiver Practice Sessions will be required to “register” for the 3.5 Day Retreat occurring via Zoom.

Please register with the *name and email address that you will log into zoom with, as soon as possible so that SPTI can prepare your groups for you. Once registered you will get a confirmation email with your unique zoom link…save this as this is how you will log in!

*Note that the Zoom registration prompt will ask you for your first and last name. Following your last name, please write  “SPT Certified Therapist or if you’ve completed the SPT Supervision course please write “SPT Consultant”.


3.5 Day Retreat Date/Times: Caregiver Practice Sessions

Australian / Asia Retreat Caregiver Practice Sessions Day:

  • August 16th if supporting from North America, 8:00 pm – 11:45 pm MDT
    • Sign on at 7:45 pm MDT (August 16th)
    • Sign off at 11:45pm MDT (August 16th)
  • August 17th, 2022 if supporting from Australia, 12:00 pm – 3:45 pm AEST
    • Sign on at 11:45 am AEST (August 17th)
    • Sign off at 3:45pm AEST (August 17th)

North American Caregiver Practice Sessions Day: 

August 30th, 2022, 1:00 pm -4:30 pm MDT

  • Sign on 12:45 pm MDT
  • Sign off 4:30 pm MDT


Please click on the next two lessons below to find your facilitator guide and instructions on what to expect during the Parent Practice Sessions process and how to best support your group, as well as the information that your students were given to help them prepare.  ****Please read the handout specific to your retreat/ caregiver practice sessions day FIRST – it is recommended that you print this out before your retreat begins.