Welcome to the Advanced Certified Synergetic Play Therapist Retreat!


With years in the making, we would like to welcome you to the first ever Advanced Synergetic Play Therapist Retreat where you will spend 4 days live in-person with your fellow Certified SPTers delving deeper into yourself. That’s right!  These 4 days are just for you- not for your clients, for you.  (Although we do know that any work we do for ourselves inevitably helps others.

In between all of the hugs, conversations, regulation and “togetherness” you will be taken on a journey into the mind and the body in order to gain a deeper appreciation for the interconnectedness between the two.  We will flow between didactic teachings and experiential learnings as we head down the rabbit hole so that you can further empower yourself and reclaim the parts of yourself that have been minimized, hurt, stuck and stunted by trauma and life’s challenges.

This retreat experience is designed as a course you can come back to over and over again to keep discovering, learning and integrating as you peel away the layers that keep you from fully loving and appreciating yourself.



  • Learn how the nervous system/brain/amygdala develop in utero and after birth to give you a deeper appreciation for this magnificent part of your body/creation
  • Explore your own nervous system and its patterns
  • Explore perception and why the brain perceives what it does
  • Go deeper into your understanding of the 4 perceived threats/challenges
  • Explore what authenticity really means
  • Learn more about your own interoceptive sense and ways to develop it
  • Explore what is in the way of your ability to attune
  • Explore your own narrative with an opportunity to experience the Demartini Method, giving you an opportunity to integrate and heal some of the charges that are holding you back and weighing you down
  • Go deeper into your understanding of relationship patterns and dynamics
  • Explore dual awareness and the development of presence
  • And so much more!



Reserve your hotel and flights: Come stay with us at the hotel …Why you might ask? Because it’s all about community AND we also chose THE prime location for us to convene – close to the Colorado River for an early morning walk/run; right around the corner from a drop-in yoga studio; Starbucks for people that need their coffee; a grocery store across the street with a deli (gluten free/dairy free/vegan options) and smoothie bar (…no kidding); and just blocks away from the well known Sixth street with so many fantabulous restaurant options. We’re also within walking distance from two of Lisa’s favorite taco restaurants and Lisa discovered a new “sixth street” called “Rainey” street – the new hot spot street of restaurants – I know, right! So awesome!! And to top it off, the discounted hotel rate includes a hot buffet breakfast.

This year’s event will be at the Hyatt Place Austin Downtown, in Austin Texas

  • $229 (USD)* – Book this special discounted rate directly through this link: The Hyatt Place Austin Downtown *Please note that the $229 (USD) rate is valid for the dates September 27th, the night before the retreat starts, through the last day of the retreat on October 1st.  If you need to stay the night October 1st – October 2nd the negotiated discounted rate is $279 (USD).  Note: As of August 25th, this rate has sold out. If you would like to share a room with someone please read below, or you may stay at a hotel near the Hyatt Place. There are many options. 

Do you want to share a room? If you’d like to share a room to minimize your hotel cost, please email info@synergeticplaytherapy.com and let us know. We’d be happy to connect you to those who are also hoping to share a room so you can coordinate.

Flights/Transportation: Choose the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport for your flight.  It’s about 15 minute Uber/Taxi drive from the airport to the hotel. (There is not a hotel shuttle.)

COVID PROTOCOL: We will follow all recommended guidelines during the time of the retreat. Currently, wearing a mask and social distancing is your personal preference and will be honored.


We Can’t Wait to Reconnect with YOU!

Be prepared to not feel like the same person at the end of the 4 days, but rather a more authentic and congruent you!