WELCOME to your Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy® Consultation Guidebook

This guidebook has been created to help you navigate your role as consultant during your Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy programs. Please take the time to look through all of the information below to familiarize yourself with the content.  

This guidebook is intended to be revisited each time you support a Level 1 Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy® program. Within you will find access to all of the important dates, documents, and resources specific to Intro SPT Consultants to help you prepare and support your consultation groups!

Thank you for your time, your dedication, and all you do to support our students- you are an integral part of their learning and integration of SPT. 


Getting Started:

Before the program begins, please make sure you are familiar with and can easily navigate the first three lessons at the bottom of the page: Master Schedule for Consultants, SPT Consultant Supporting Documents & Resources, and Admin Check-In Recordings.

Master Schedule for Consultants – this lesson includes a full list of all the important class dates for the current cohort, upcoming Admin Check-In dates with your Lead Intro Consultant, Katherine Eastlake, and dates for your Intro Consultant Clinical Groups with Supervisor Trainer, Khristine Rolfe. This lesson will also include all of the Zoom Meeting Links needed for the Live Webinars during the Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy® program.

SPT Consultant Supporting Documents & Resources – this is where you will find all of the links, templates, documents, and other resources needed to support you as an Intro Consultant. This lesson replaces the need of the Google Drive folder so all of your items can be found in one place!

Admin Check-In Recordings – all Admin Check-Ins with your Lead Intro Consultant will be recorded. Should you need to miss a live check-in date, you will be able to find the recording within this lesson!

Introduction to Synergetic Play Therapy® Program Material:

Starting with the Handout lessons (English/Spanish), you are seeing the program exactly as the students see it, so that you are aware of their process.  In addition to understanding what your students are seeing/experiencing, as an Intro Consultant, it is incredibly important that you are staying up to date on the program material. The modules in this program have the most updated teachings by Lisa, as well as two new video lessons on the topics of “Synergetic Play Therapy & Cultural Humility” and “4 Threats and the Set Up Through a Cultural Lens”.

You are welcome to move through the program lessons, below, at a pace that feels the most manageable to you as long as you are caught up on the material before you meet with your group each month. There will be a quiz after each module that you will need to complete as part of your refresh of the material.

Monthly Group Consultations:  

You will be assigned groups of 4 students by the Lead Intro Consultant before the start of the program. These groups will be based on the availability you provided to the Lead Intro Consultant.  Reminder that you are meeting once a month with each of your groups for 6 months.  Within the SPT Consultant Supporting Documents & Resources lesson below, you will find everything you need for leading your monthly consultation groups. The lesson will include email templates to help you welcome and guide your students through Make-Up Consultation steps (if needed), a full breakdown of the content you should be focusing on each month, and guided Consultation Notes to help you stay organized so you can focus on the right brain, relational part we love!

CE Credits: 

Please note that as you work through the following lessons, you will see language referencing CE Credits. This information is applicable to students enrolled in this program only and for your reference should you need to assist students with questions. As an Intro Consultant, you will not receive CE Credits for completing the lessons below but participating as an Intro Consultant does meet your requirement for your Certified SPT Renewal credits.

If you have any questions or need support along the way, please do not hesitate to contact your Lead Intro Consultant, Katherine, or the Institute by emailing info@synergeticplaytherapy.com.