Every adoption experience is unique, with a wide variety of perceptions. Yet at the heart of many stories is the deep sense of grief and loss, not only for the children but for the parents too. This can show up in and out of the playroom as complex trauma and a struggle with relationships. Healing involves helping children and parents connect to themselves, simultaneously asking therapists to become aware of the impact of the complexity and emotions that also arise within themselves. This course explores this complex issue.

Lisa welcomes Lauren Fishbein, M.A., onto this webinar.  Lauren is an international trans-racial adoptee from Chile. She is a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist. She was trained at Naropa University in their Transpersonal Mindfulness-based counseling program. Lauren is dedicated to working with adoptee’s and their families.

How to Support and Understand An Adoptee Through A Play Therapy Lens Objectives:
  • Explain the role of implicit memory when addressing the adoptee population in play therapy.
  • Discuss possible emotions that can arise in the play room when working with an adoptee.
  • Describe how to support parents with their adoptee.

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