Eating challenges in children can show up in many ways. From the refusal to eat to eating too much, underneath often lies the need for perfectionism and control. Helping kids take these challenges off their plates involves offering choices and uncovering co-existing issues, as well as providing parental support. This course takes a look at this important struggle.

Lisa welcomes Kelly Miller, founder of Play Therapy Connection located in Littleton, Colorado- provider for pediatric mental health to promote change and healing from the inside out.  As well as being a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist/Supervisor, she is also an experienced teacher and trainer, well-versed in helping other professionals develop their greatest potential both in and out of the playroom.

Eating Challenges in Play Therapy Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss how eating challenges and symptoms for children typically present in play therapy.
  • Assess contributing factors or co-occurring presenting problems that children with eating challenges explore in play therapy.
  • Discuss how to support children’s integration of eating challenges in the playroom.
  • Recognize how to support parents outside of the play room with their child’s eating challenges.

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