Research in neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology sheds light on the need for the play therapist to act as the external regulator supporting the child to move towards the intensity they are experiencing allowing for integration.

This 3-hour home study course explores this need during trauma integration for two primary reasons:

1) The child need to borrow the play therapist’s regulatory capacity as they work through their traumatic thoughts, feelings and sensations in play therapy and

2) The play therapist’s ability to regulate themselves during the intensity increases the capacity for presence and attunement with the child, while simultaneously supporting the health and longevity of their own nervous system.

Without the ability of the play therapist to become the external regulator for the intensity that arises during trauma integration, both the child and the play therapist are at risk for emotional flooding and high levels of dysregulation in their nervous systems. Over time, this can significantly impact a play therapist’s longevity in the field, as well as the ability to stay attuned and present to a child in sessions.

Becoming an External Regulator for Trauma Integration in Play Therapy Learning Objectives:

  • Discuss what it means to become a client’s external regulator for trauma integration
  • Define what regulation is and how this understanding impacts the play therapist’s ability to co-regulate during intense play
  • Identify 2 things a play therapist can do to develop their capacity to become an external regulator

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