Welcome returning SPT Supervisors!

We are excited to have you returning to recertifiy! This is an important step in continuing to deepen your skills and integration of the Supervisory material. Plus, we are continually adding and expanding the SPT Supervisory teachings, so it is beneficial to be able to hear this information again and again. 

We are so grateful that you are willing to continue your own development as an SPT Supervisor.

Welcome to the next level of your growth and journey 🙂

Lisa and Khris


Renewal of the Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor credential is required every 6 years.  In order to renew, students must complete the CE requirements for being a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist plus the following CE Supervision requirements. Excess hours may not be rolled over into the next 6 year cycle.  If CE credits are not submitted, student will no longer be able to use the title Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor until renewal occurs.

CE renewal forms are due to the Institute by May 31st OF your renewal year. Please do not submit them on a year that you are not due to renew.



  • Sept 12th, 2022: LIVE webinar with Lisa Dion – Becoming a Synergetic Play Therapy Supervisor – General Theory, 5-6:30 pm + 1.5 hours of recorded video/assignments.
  • One hour recording of Lisa teaching: Running a Supervision Group that provides information on how to apply SPT Supervision Theory to groups. Group dynamics and group challenges will be explored.  Required for renewal.
  • Access to six recorded session videos that provide techniques and skills focused on helping navigate the supervisory relationship and challenges that arise in the playroom. All of the videos include valuable teaching guidance and commentary by Lisa. Optional, but highly recommended.


In addition to completing the General Theory Course, one of the following options is also required to complete your CE Supervision Requirements:

    1. Participate in 8 months of group consultation with Lisa. 
    2. Participate in Khris Rolfe’s SPT Consultant Clinical group (Intro Consultants only) or participate in the Cert Consultant group (Certification Consultants only).