Embodied Awareness with Lauren

Do you sometimes struggle with attuning to your own or the child’s felt experiences?

Have you ever noticed strong surges of emotion following a session?

Do you ever experience feelings of depletion in your own nervous system upon arriving at a session or do you sometimes find yourself checking-out during sessions?

While all of these experiences are completely normal and a part of the SPT journey, there are practices that can help us cultivate our capacity for reflective awareness, attunement, and regulation outside the playroom, and yoga is one of them.

Yoga with Lauren offers the opportunity to take time-in for yourself and explore a friendship with your body and emotions as they are. Sometimes what is present inside ourselves feels challenging to touch and yet we know this is where our growth lies. In this way, Yoga with Lauren supports widening our window of tolerance for uncomfortable states, discovering our inner resources to meet those uncomfortable moments, and deepening our capacity for allowing the wisdom of our body to guide us.

Yoga and Mindfulness Class Description

Whether you are new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, Lauren’s focus is on helping you attune and respond to the ever shifting rhythms emerging in your inner world with curiosity and friendliness. Classes are exploratory in nature and encourage giving yourself permission to feel into your inner world through the practices of slow flow, pause, rhythmic and repetitive movement, and breathwork. She provides the freedom to move at your own pace, range of motion, and engage in the modifications that resonate with your body and emotions. This kind of embodiment practice where we allow our inner world to guide us holds the keys to our authenticity and is the bedrock for cultivating connection in all of our relationships.

Lauren Forsythe

Lauren is a Synergetic Play Therapist™, an Embodiment and Authentic Relationship Coach and Yoga Teacher, mother, and wife. She is fascinated by the ways her relationships awaken her inner world and beckon her inward to befriend all of parts of herself. When she is not in Coach, Therapist or Yoga Teacher mode, she is exploring nature with her family, whipping up nourishing vegan meals to share with her loved ones, or dancing and singing to the latest pop track with her 5-year-old daughter. Within all her roles, her relationships are her spiritual path.