2017-2018 Synergetic Play Therapy Certification Course Deposit

You have been selected to be a part of the 2017-2018 Certified Synergetic Play Therapy Cohort!  Congratulations!

To secure your spot, you will put down a 400.00 USD deposit.  The rest of the money will be due before September and you will be emailed a link for payment along with course information closer to the start of the first retreat.  Reminder that if you pay in full, you receive 400.00 off the total price for additional savings!

Refund Policy: Your deposit secures your spot in the Certification Program. Withdrawal before the program begins will result in a forfeit of the full deposit amount.

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“Where do I begin? This training provided so much growth for me personally and professionally. I feel like I have a better understanding of the process and how to facilitate growth within my client and within myself. This has been a life-changing experience.”  -Lindsay Ishman, LCSW, LAC, RPT-S

Congratulations!  You have decided to embark on a nine-month experience that will take your confidence and skill level to the next level, so that you can love yourself and support your child clients in loving themselves more fully. It will be nine months of magical moments and transformation.

The Training & What You Will Learn: 

“Lisa Dion has created a training program that both increases the efficacy of play therapy and also leads therapists on a journey of authenticity.” -Andrew Rose, LPC

The Training… During the nine months, you will attend one three-day and one five-day Synergetic Play Therapy Training Retreat, six three-hour monthly classes (live or webinar) and monthly one-hour individual supervision (live or webinar depending on where you live).

Here are the dates:

  • Launch with three-day Synergetic Play Therapy Training Retreat (September 15-17 Retreat in Boulder.  Vancouver Dates TBD); One hour of individual supervision
  • Classes- Live or Webinar: October 18 and November 15 (9-12 MST); One hour of individual supervision per month
  • No Class in December; One hour of individual supervision
  • Five-day Synergetic Play Therapy Training Retreat (January 11-15 Retreat in Boulder.  Vancouver Dates TBD); One hour of individual supervision
  • Classes- live or webinar: February 21, March 14, April 18 and May 16 (9-12 MST); One hour of individual supervision per month

What You Will Learn… Participants will gain a greater understanding and KNOWING of the below listed topics in Synergetic Play Therapy, as well as an in-depth look at the neuroscience and research behind the model. We ask therapists to go within to further ask the question, “Who am I?” The goal during these nine months is for therapists to bring forth their authentic selves, with the understanding that as the authentic self emerges therapists can increase their capacity to facilitate deeper and more complex processes within the child. Therapists will also learn more of the details of the application of SPT and develop a greater understanding about why we do what we do in the playroom. And they will have the opportunity to fine tune their skills. Subjects that will be covered include:

* Awareness, Mindfulness and Attention * Attunement and Transitions * Mirror Neurons and Neurobiology * Regression and Nonverbal states * Attachment Processes and Biology of the Nervous System * Working with Parents * Adoption, Sensory and Trauma * Biology of Emotions and * Windows of Tolerance * Narratives and Perception * Working with families and groups * Working with pre-teens and teens * Goodbyes and Endings * Non-directive versus Directive * How to explain Synergetic Play Therapy * Charting cases and understanding the child’s process *


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