Synergetic Play Therapy® Certification Program 2021-2022

“This journey has been empowering, inspiring, and transformative, and has changed my way of living and being. The embodiment of SPT has been the nourishment that allowed me to grow in both my personal and professional worlds. Harmoniously, as I have grown, so has my relationship with my clients, and my ability to help them do the same. SPT has been my grounding roots, a guiding light, and a breath of fresh air!” – Malia Segal

With 87 hours of content, the Certification program propels you on a journey of inquiry about how healing truly occurs in the playroom. You will learn about nervous system activation re-patterning and how integration occurs in the mind-body. You will study in-depth the projective process and the mind, perceptions and memory, interpersonal neurobiology, and will have a transformative understanding of attachment theory. But this isn’t the best part of this training. The best part is what happens to YOU! This program is designed to not only help you learn how to facilitate your child client’s healing, but also teach you about yourself, what drives you to be who you are, and awaken your own authenticity … absolutely PRICELESS!!!!

Why is this the perfect time to embark on this transformational journey with us? ….. The Certification program is so much more than learning how to work with others. It’s also about your own personal journey … And we’re all on a personal journey right now as we navigate the challenges of the Coronavirus pandemic. Your experience will be one of “being held” while learning something that’s meaningful to you and that helps advance you in your career, skills, and confidence. 

Take it from those who have experienced the Certification program themselves.

Synergetic Play Therapy® Prerequisites (must complete one of the following and their corresponding prerequisites BEFORE applying to this program. Price of pre-requisite is independent of the Certification program pricing. Click on the blue tiles below for the pre-req course description):

Please note: in order to receive Association for Play Therapy credit, you must have access to working with children.

Program Requirements: 

  • Attend both multi-day retreats (online option is available) and all online monthly classes.
  • Complete 10 recorded sessions of your work with your clients and complete a corresponding video self observation form for each session.
  • Complete two SPT Certification Skill Assessments with your consultant.
  • 13 Consultation Sessions – 6 individual sessions and 3 small group sessions for a total of 9 hours during the program. 4 individual pre-certification or post certification (depending on when you completed Intro, Supplemental Intro, or Intensive.) If you are unable to complete your pre-certification consultations you can use them during the training.
  • Homework: approximately 1-2 hours a month. Homework includes watching recordings of play therapy sessions, and completing video observation forms; personal reflections, a book study (Lisa’s), and self observations of your own sessions.
  • Client Hours: In order to receive your Certification at the end of the program you need to complete a minimum of 350 client contact hours using the model. Hours accused during your pre-req course and during pre-certification  consultation leading up to the 9 month course all count towards these hours, as long as they were with an SPT Consultant.

*To receive your Certification strong attendance and completed homework is required.

**Once certified, you must renew your Certified Synergetic Play Therapist credential every 3-5 years depending on which staying current option you choose.


If you are interested in participating in this one-of-a-kind training program, please Click here for the Application Applications for 2021-2022 will be accepted November 1st through May 15th.  Early bird pricing ends March 22nd.

*For additional class details, class objectives, research scholarship, and more, see below.


Course Details: The course begins with 3.5 days together in community. Halfway through the course, we will reconvene for an additional 4.5 days.  During the program (with the exception of December and January), the course will be conducted twice a month via live webinar (1 1/2 hours each). Students will have additional monthly assignments to integrate learning. The Certification process includes 4 one-hour consultation sessions (pre-Certification consultation upon completion of your introductory course) and 9 one-hour consultation sessions (combination of group and individual) during the course with an SPT Consultant for a total of 13 consultation hours. These sessions are designed to help you integrate and deepen your learning. If you’d like, you can meet the consultants here.

When and Where: Find Retreat and Class Dates Here

What You Will Learn… Participants will gain a greater understanding and KNOWING of the below listed topics in Synergetic Play Therapy®, as well as an in-depth look at the neuroscience and research behind the model. We ask therapists to go within to further ask the question, “Who am I?” with the understanding that as the authentic self emerges, therapists can increase their capacity to facilitate deeper and more complex processes within the child. Therapists will also learn the details of the application of SPT theory while given the opportunity to fine tune their skills. Subjects that will be covered include:

  • What drives human behavior? Why do we do what we do?
  • Developing Interoception- the 8th sense
  • Regression and Non-verbal states
  • The mirror neuron system process
  • Developing the capacity to become the External Regulator
  • Understanding the mind and the projective process
  • Working with parents in the playroom
  • A deeper understanding of nervous system regulation
  • How to attune to your clients
  • Developing Dual Awareness
  • Memory and Trauma
  • Working with Emotional Flooding
  • SPT in groups and families
  • Translating the play to parents
  • Accessing emotional age
  • Directive SPT interventions
  • Working with sensory challenges
  • And so much more!

Learning Objectives by Class: SPT Certification Objectives by Class

Credits: 87 APT CE Credits* (51 Contact and 36 Non-Contact)

*Synergetic Play Therapy Institute, APT Approved Provider 09-264.  For an understanding of which credits can be used towards your RPT or continuing education, please contact APT for the most updated requirements. Also, please note that Play therapy credit may not be awarded to non-mental health professionals.

Cost: Dependent on retreat location – $4250 (USD) North America and $5500 (AUD) Australia/Asia (Please note that the cost for the Australia/Asia retreat is listed in Australia Dollars and equivalent to the cost of the retreat in the United States.) Click here to see payment options and discounts

**Save! Get $500 (US Dollars) or $600 (Australia Dollars) off the full cost of the course when you pay in full by the early bird  deadline for a massive discount!!*

Research: *Do you love research? Does the idea of writing a paper inspire you? If so, contact us about our Research Scholarships (US $1500 or currency equivalent off regular price of the course. Cannot be combined with early bird pricing) and make this awesome training even more affordable!! Five proposals will be accepted. Deadline to apply for a research scholarship is April 15th and you’ll be notified on May 1st if your proposal was accepted. If you’re ready to submit your proposal, you can do so by downloading and completing this form.

Refund Policy: Full refund (minus cost of any pre-Certification supervisions that may have occurred + a $100 administrative fee) if cancellation is before 6-weeks from the start of your first retreat. Cancellations after this time and 6-weeks before the start of the first retreat will forfeit cost of any pre-Certification supervisions + $500 (USD) or $600 (AUD). Cancellations once the class begins will forfeit the full payment of the course. If an emergency situation arises, please contact the Synergetic Play Therapy Institute to discuss the situation.


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