Demartini Method® Review with Lisa

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Now that you have completed the Advanced SPT Self Mastery Course in either Austin or Melbourne with Lisa and been introduced to the Demartini Method®, you have the ability to “fast track” your learning and bypass attendance at Dr. John Demartini‘s The Breakthrough Experience®. Your attendance at the Advanced Certified Self Mastery Course, partnered with your completion of this 3-hour course can serve as the prerequisite for the Demartini Method® Training program!

During this 3-hour review course, Lisa will walk you through the key principles and columns of the Demartini Method® (Side A and Side B) giving you the opportunity to ask questions and deepen your learning.  In addition to this review, Lisa will introduce you to Dr. Demartini‘s Gain/Loss Process (Side C).

Once you have completed this review course with Lisa, you will be given a certificate of completion which will then allow you to register for the Demartini Method® Training program (all registration details will be provided at the review course).  And not to worry, this course completion is still in the early bird window for the Training program if you are interested in attending during 2023!

*If you have already attended The Breakthrough Experience®, attending this Demartini Method® Review with Lisa is still highly recommended!
See course details below:


Course details:

What: A 3-hour webinar course with Lisa Dion!  LIVE Attendance is required as there is no recording.

When: April 11, 2023, 5:00 – 8:00 PM Mountain Time (Denver)

Where: Anywhere you are! This webinar course will be held through Zoom.

Why: This course serves as a “fast track” to Dr. John Demartini’s Demartini Method® Training program, allowing you to bypass The Breakthrough Experience®, saving money and time!

Cost: $100 USD

Credit: 0 Non Contact CE Credit (No Continuing Education Credit will be granted for this course)

If you left the Advanced SPT Self Mastery Course feeling inspired, more connected to yourself, and eager to continue your exploration of the Demartini Method®, this course is for you!

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