As play therapists, we are often searching for ways to help our clients regulate their emotions and body. This webinar explores how therapists can use yoga to increase their ability to connect with themselves and their clients while facilitating the regulation of emotions and body during play therapy sessions.

Lisa welcomes Kelly Miller, founder of Play Therapy Connection located in Littleton, Colorado – provider for pediatric mental health to promote change and healing from the inside out.  As a Certified Synergetic Play Therapist/Supervisor, she is also an experienced teacher and trainer, well-versed in helping other professionals develop their greatest potential both in and out of the playroom. And of course, she is a yogi.

Yoga and Play Therapy Objectives:

  • Participants will learn what yoga is and how a yoga practice builds key therapeutic skills in play therapy
  • Participants will evaluate body postures (asanas) that emerge in play therapy for both the child and therapist
  • Participants will explore how a variety of body postures (asanas) are tools for identifying emotions, regulating, and integrating trauma in play therapy

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