Lessons From The Playroom Webinar 13:

We have all been there- the child doesn’t want to come in the room, the child doesn’t want to do the task, the child is avoiding the issue, etc.  This one hour pre-recorded webinar from the Lessons from the Playroom Webinar Series explores what to do when our child client’s language and behavior says “no”.  Topics such as what is resistance, differentiating resistance from avoidance, differentiating resistance from the dorsal collapse in the nervous system, and emotional flooding are explored.

1.  Understand what resistance is in the playroom
2.  Understand other possibilities for what could be going on with the child in the session when resistance shows up
3.  Learn how to engage the resistance child in play therapy
 Please click on the lesson below to watch the video, take the quiz, and print your certificate for credit.