We live in a technological age: there is no pacifying Pac-Man, no axing Apple. But screen time doesn’t always mean zoning out. In moderation, Mickey Mouse and Mario can be our allies, helping children better connect to the world around them. This one-hour pre-recorded webinar from the Lessons from the Playroom Webinar Series explores the management of screen time through recognition. Learn to recognize when a child relies on it too often and when a child’s plugging in means they’re plugged into themselves. And learn how it can help you reach the seemingly unreachable child by joining that child on their turf.

Managing Screen Time in and out of the Playroom Objectives: 

  • Understand some of the concerns associated with children having too much screen time
  • Understand the importance of joining the child’s world when they engage in screen time
  • Begin to understand how to use screen time in play therapy when the child brings it into session
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