From a stroll through the Lollipop Woods of Candyland to a fight over the Thimble in Monopoly, games are part of childhood. In the playroom, certain games are more commonly used than others. How do we use chess as a pawn in our therapeutic healing? How can we call on checkers to check on the states of regulation?  What does a game tell us about a child’s emotional world? This one-hour pre-recorded webinar from the Lessons from the Playroom Webinar Series explores these questions and more!

Using Games in Play Therapy Objectives:

  • Learn clues to assess the emotional age of the child playing a game in a play therapy session
  • Gain a better understanding of how to understand what a child is telling us through games in play therapy
  • Learn “how” a child uses games and why this is the most important part of understanding games in the playroom
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