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Welcome to the SPT Community Membership! 

Thank you for saying YES to an extra dose of growth, learning, depth, connection and SPT love! You are such a special and valuable part of SPT and we are delighted to have you part of the SPT Community Membership.

Here you will find opportunities for attaching to self and deepening your practice through monthly LIVE webinars with Lisa and fabulous guest teachers, monthly embodiment practice in Yoga with Lauren and through connection, reflection and integration in community as part of the monthly Circle of Support.

Plus, access to a wealth of learning in the Webinar Library (now with a search feature!!) and bonus videos. We appreciate you investing in yourself and our community!

*If you’d like to join us for this year’s Advanced Self Mastery Program, use your exclusive membership coupon code – Member50 – at checkout and receive $50 off registration.

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